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A Note From Dr. Dave - March 13, 2018

"Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Our Aging Population"

With our aging population and the increase in health care costs we must all find a way to live our best and healthiest lives. Many seniors are unaware of the exceptional benefits that can be obtained through regular chiropractic care. Below is a list of benefits that chiropractic care provides for seniors whether living at home or in a nursing home setting.

1. Pain Relief

Chiropractic care is one of the most effective and safest forms of health care to treat pain. Chiropractors are specifically trained to identify and treat misalignments of the vertebrae.  Anti-inflammatory medication and pain relievers merely mask the symptoms and have many undesirable side effects.

2. Increased Range of Motion

Chiropractic care has been shown repeatedly to increase not only the range of motion of the spine but also in the extremities. Positive results can be seen from simply increasing a person's range of motion.  For some, an increased range of motion means being able to bend down to pick up their grandchildren. For others, it means they can garden without pain. In many cases, an increase in range of motion immediately follows chiropractic adjustments.

3. Increased Balance and Coordination

Many problems in balance and coordination in our aging population have been shown to come from injury or degenerative changes to the cervical spine. Structures known as mechanoreceptors are located in the back joints of the cervical spine. They are responsible for providing the brain with essential information important for balance and coordination. As we age, mild defects impair mechanoreceptors function and results in a loss of body awareness.

To compensate for the loss of body awareness in the legs, the feet are kept wider apart than usual. The patients’ gate gets wider and steps become irregular and uneven in length. As impairment increases, the patient becomes unable to compensate. Balance and coordination are very important to minimize being labeled a fall risk.

4. Decreased Joint Degeneration

A misaligned spine is very damaging, it will cause your body  to wear out prematurely. Since all moving parts will eventually wear down over time, it is very important to get your spine aligned periodically. Chiropractic care decreases spinal degeneration and other arthritic changes by normalizing the spinal alignment and reducing spinal stress.

5. Increased Health and Well-Being

We commonly ask our patients what changes they notice once they are out of pain. Here are some regular responses we hear every day:

"I feel great, I have so much energy, I can tend to my garden again!"
"I can sleep through the night!  Life has taken on a whole new outlook for me!"

It’s time to acknowledge that chiropractic care is much more than pain relief. Chiropractic care for routine health is a way to continue feeling good, it helps you stay healthy and doing the things that give us pleasure and make life worth living. It gives us hope and allows us to look forward to each new day. Regular chiropractic care has been proven to increase the quality of life and promote good health and well-being.

6. Decreased Incidence of Falling

According to the CDC, falls are responsible for 90% of bone fractures which occur annually among Americans over the age of 65. Injuries caused by falls are extremely common in the elderly population. Assisted living/nursing homes are often doing risk assessments to pinpoint those at risk and to try to prevent falls in the community. Some homes have stretching and exercise programs for their residents. They know the value of increasing strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination amongst residents. The most forward thinking residential complexes offer Chiropractic care to the residents. The safety and well-being of our elderly is of utmost importance.

Chiropractors can reduce a fall risk by administering chiropractic adjustments to the spine, its quick and painless. There is no need for seniors to suffer needlessly. Chiropractic provides amazing benefits and has an outstanding record of safety and effectiveness.

Best In Health Dr. Dave

We look forward to treating you and your family with treatment you can trust.
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