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Our Massage Therapist Vicki J. Henry, LMT is in our office for a "Massage By Appointment" on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. 
Vicki is Board Certified and Nationally Certified for Therapeutic Massage and Body Works, she is also a Member of NCBTMB and AMTA.

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Lundgren Chiropractic Office is  Located in the Clock Tower Complex, First Floor, Handicap Accessible.

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​​​​Treatment You Can Trust


Lundgren Chiropractic Office proudly offers massage therapy for wellbeing and relaxation, as well as pregnancy, athletes and those with injuries.  We have created a natural holistic environment that is both inviting and warm.   We consider all aspects of your health, including nutrition and exercise.

We offer several different types of Massage techniques. We offer relaxation, deep tissue massage, sports massage and prenatal massages to name a few.  A massage can do so much for your body, not only does it improve muscular injuries and range of motion, but it decrease chronic aches and pains.

Regular massage therapy sessions are the key help you recover from an injury and regain your wellbeing. A massage will maximize the nutrients in your tissues and your vital organs. It increases blood circulation and boosts your lymph system. Our technique will also help reduce scar tissue and decrease lactic acid in your muscle tissue. Massage Therapy will help your muscular issues from accidents, illnesses and injuries. It will also help with stress and tension, headaches and migraines and pain from various causes.

Sports Massage

We also offer Sports Massage designed for athletes that are highly active, competitive sports are hard on your body and can lead to joint, muscular and other injuries. Sports Massage helps prevent injury by reducing swelling and pain and helps with flexibility as well as expedites recovery time. This is accomplished by invigorating your body’s immune system. 

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage offers a wide range of physiological emotional benefits. It is therapeutic and can be customized for the expectant mother as her body goes through major physical changes. It improves circulation, muscle and joint function, and helps with physical and mental fatigue. Prenatal massages are gentle and can ease pregnancy discomforts. Such as joint stress, back pain, headaches, sciatica, leg cramps, hip and pelvic discomfort, just to name a few beneficial areas. It also helps blood circulation, stabilizes hormone levels, helps with changes in posture, blood pressure and most importantly it is a safe alternative pain relief instead of taking medication.

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