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Lundgren Chiropractic Office is  Located in the Clock Tower Complex, First Floor, Handicap Accessible.

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Dr. David Lundgren is a licensed chiropractor with de​cades of experience. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1974. As a licensed Chiropractor in New Hampshire  Dr Dave will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of his Londonderry practice this year. Knowing the importance of staying current and learning more, Dr Dave has participated in continuing his education in various fields of alternative medicine and healthcare every year from 1974 to present day. Dr. Lundgren is proud to have certifications and professional chiropractic memberships with many organizations, click the link to view the many affiliations of Dr. Dave.

Dr. Dave has  treated many physical conditions over the past 40 years. Below is a list of some of the more common issues he has treated. 

​​Arthritis          Athletic Injuries          Auto Accident Injuries          Bulging, Herniated Discs          Carpal Tunnel          Degenerative Disc Disease 
Headaches          Knee Pain        Low Back Pain          Mid Back Pain       Migraines           Muscle Strains       Muscle Tightness          Neck Pain
Numbness and Tingling       Sciatica       Shoulder Pain       Sports Injuries       TMJ Disorders       Vertigo       Workers Comp Injuries       And More …

During his time in Londonderry, Dr. Dave has made many friends both young and old. Dr. Lundgren has given many speeches on health and wellbeing as well as the benefits of chiropractic care. He makes it a goal of his to work with everyone  and help them overcome illnesses and injuries and help return them to be vibrant again. Chiropractic care can eliminate the need for prescription medication and that is a tremendous benefit for everyone. Drug abuse is an epidemic in our State, give chiropractic care a try. Call me today for relief!


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